AeroTough GF

    AeroTough GF non-metallic bushings can replace the existing steel bushings providing smooth grease-free operation.
    AeroTough GF polymers can reduce your maintenance costs drastically. Lubrication is built into the polymer formulation, so no grease or oil is ever required for their operation. Corrosion is non-existent.
    Our formulation for ATGF includes molecules that provide built-in lubrication and a low coefficient of friction.  ATGF is easily machined, so it’s a perfect material to use in making bushings and bearings.  And because we design and manufacture ATGF ourselves, we can use that vertical integration to keep our prices competitive to the parts that we replace. 
      AeroTough GF polymer parts are only 20% of the weight of equivalent bronze or steel parts. The lower weight provides energy savings through reduced aircraft fuel consumption.
        Contamination of the environment with grease or oil is eliminated. Engine carbon emissions are reduced through improved energy efficiency.