Aerostar Landing Gear Upgrade Kit


Category: Aerostar

Type: Kit

The Aerostar Landing Gear Upgrade Kit will cover 2 mains and 1 nose.

The kit contains the following sub kits within:

 MBA Part # Kit Description Qty
M1004 MLG Oleo Kit 2
M1006 Brake Bushing Kit 2
M1007 MLG Trunnion Kit 2
M1008 MLG Drag Link Kit 2
M1009 MLG Torque Link Kit 2
M1010 Weibel NLG Oleo Kit 1
M1011 Weibel NLG Torque Link Kit 1
M1012 Weibel NLG Kit 1
M1018 Blue Upper Bumpers 1
M1019 Red Lower Bumpers 1


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