Advisory Board

 George A. (Sandy) Thomson

Mr. Thomson attended Northrop University in Inglewood, California studying Aircraft Maintenance Engineering but graduated as a Mechanical Engineer. After working with A.W. Chesterton, in 1965 Mr. Thomson joined the family business, Thomson-Gordon. At the time, this company was primarily a distributor of Engineers Supplies. Looking for a niche where engineered mechanical products made from rubber and plastic components could be designed, Mr. Thomson developed the Thordon polymer in the late 1960’s. The Thomson-Gordon Group has evolved with several industrial and aviation companies over the past 30 years.  Currently, Mr. Thomson also operates a film production business, Cinema Sixteen Inc. besides being the Chairman of Thordon Bearings Inc. Mr. Thomson is the 3rd generation owner of the Thomson-Gordon Group and Thordon Bearings.

Anna Galoni

Joined Thomson-Gordon Group in July 2007 and was appointed Human Resources Director in 2008 and Vice-Chair in 2009.  Mrs. Galoni is the next family owner (4th Generation). She has been a member of the Board of Advisors since 2006.  Born in Gdynia, Poland in 1974.  Moved to Canada in mid 1990’s.  Holds Bachelor of Arts and Masters Degree in Science (Epi) from Queens University, Canada.

Terry McGowan

Joined Thomson-Gordon Group in July 2007 as General Manager Thordon Bearings Inc. and was promoted to Chief Operating Officer Thomson-Gordon Group in February 2008 and President, Thomson-Gordon Group/Thordon Bearings Inc. in January 2010. Mr. McGowan graduated from McMaster University, Canada with a Bachelor of Engineering, Chemical in 1986 and received designation as a Professional Engineer (P.Eng) in the Province of Ontario 1988.  The first part of his career was spent working in internationally focused chemical and food manufacturing industries, holding positions as Technical Services Engineer, Engineering Manager, Plant Manager and President and CEO. Working in private industry for over 20 years, Mr. McGowan has experience as Director and shareholder on a Corporate Board of Directors and is currently a member of the Thomson-Gordon Group Board of Advisors. 

Mr. Tomasz Nowak

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer with over a decade of experience working on wide variety of aircraft ranging from fabric covered Piper J3 to turbine powered Beechcraft King Air aircraft.  Mr. Nowak is also a holder of a Canadian Private Pilot License. 

Mr. Pat Field

Pat started working an as apprentice during high school with his dad at a small airport in Bainsville, Ontario and was the first person to sign up for the very first avionics course in Canada at Centennial College.   Pat started working at the family business, Brant Aero, in 1972 and since 1986 been a principal, Director of Maintenance, PRM, and AE.  Brant Aero represents all leading avionics manufacturers, specialize in aircraft sales and maintenance, import and export aircraft from around the world.  Their avionics services include design, installation, maintenance and repairs of most avionics systems on the market today. 

Pat is a private pilot with night, multi IFR ratings and enjoys flying anywhere he can in his 1958 C-310B. 

Mr. Robert Laurie

Robert has over 30 years experience in the aviation industry from teaching and manufacturing to heavy maintenance and aircraft servicing. Robert currently holds a valid and current AME license category M1/M2 with Avionics and is also a qualified Professor and the Person Responsible for Training at Mohawk College.  

Mr. Wayne Juniper

Wayne is an AME with a Commercial Pilot license. He has served in a variety of senior maintenance positions in industry,  he has been a college instructor, and he is currently Transport Canada's Recreational Aviation Airworthiness Specialist. In this capacity, Wayne conducts more than 30 aviation safety seminars each year with COPA, EAA and many others.