Marsh Brothers Aviation AeroLas™-Flex is based on a material that was originally developed by Marsh Brothers’ sister company and used for more than 20 years in various marine, industrial and hydro power applications. AeroLas™-Flex has been adapted for use in the aviation industry. Due to its inherent toughness, chemical resistance, low temperature performance and vibration energy absorption, AeroLas™-Flex is the standard for aircraft red oil systems in primary seal and piston wiper applications. AeroLas™-Flex has also been used to replace rubber in bumper applications.


  • Abrasion resistance
  • Tough, tear and cut resistance
  • Lightweight replacement for metals
  • Oil & solvent resistance
  • Ozone & oxidation resistance, reduced noise & improved vibration/shock absorption, low compression set
  • Hardness ranges from shore 30(a) to 75(D)
  • Wide array of colours
  • Can be bonded to metal and other elastomers
  • Temperature ranges from -60°C to 105°C (-80°F to 225°F)
Caution: AeroLas™-Flex is not compatible with phosphate ester hydraulic fluid,
commercially known as Skydrol. Exposure to phosphate ester hydraulic fluid
contamination will damage seals and wipers.