Spinner Washers


Our unique polymer has been used to make the standard spinner washers even better. These washers made from our Thordon polymer allow them to take the shape of the spinners curvature without cracking.

Propeller spinner washers are typically made from thin nylon. They are usually replaced every time the spinner is removed because the screw pressure against the spinner curvature causes the nylon washers to fail.

Instead of nylon, these washers are machined from an billet of a new, very tough polymer material – the toughest we make – so they won’t crack or extrude. The washers easily conform to the spinner’s curved surface and will serve without replacement for a very long time. In fact, they may never need replacement!

Fits a # 10 screw, with a diameter and thickness to suit the round head stainless steel screw usually used for prop spinners.

This kit contains:

  • Polymer based spinner washers (Clear, Yellow or Grey)