The Team

Nicholas Choo-Son

Director, Business Development

Nicholas has spent the majority of his career working closely with world leading commercial and military aircraft manufacturers. He especially enjoys the interaction with the end customer/operator, whether it be corporate operators or regional and mainline airlines. He brings a wealth of experience and talent, that will allow Marsh Brothers Aviation to flourish.

Tel: (905) 335-1440 ext.301

Mike Muschta

Manager of Engineering, R&D and Continuing Airworthiness

Mike is a licensed Professional Engineer with over 25 years of experience in the commercial/military aviation and space sectors, with specific expertise in qualification testing, fluid dynamics, controls, system integration, safety assessment, and lean quality management.  Past experience includes jet engine testing, aerodynamics, satellite payloads, and airframe and component manufacturing and overhaul. His product and program management acumen are complimented by his hands-on practical experience and tenaciousness when diving into new technical challenges. Combining the best aspects of mechanical and electrical manufacturing process knowledge, Mike is equally comfortable managing projects, running complicated analyses, or turning wrenches in the shop. Mike’s interest in aerospace began with his time as a youth in the Air Cadet League of Canada, followed by a pilot’s license and a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, and continues today his daily involvement and enjoyment of all things that take flight. 

Tel: (905) 335-1440 ext.224

Mike Muschta

Juan Rivera

Manager, Sales & Business Development

Juan has an Aircraft Maintenance and Management diploma from Centennial College and over 6 years of experience in aviation aftermarket, spares and MRO sales. His experience working with a variety of aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul service providers, aircraft operators and Tier1’s such as Safran Landing Systems gives Juan broad experience across the aviation aftermarket industry. In his spare time, Juan is an avid cyclist and enjoys the outdoors putting many miles on his road bike.

Tel: (905) 335-1440 ext.267

Mobile: (905) 220-7587

Sheri MacDonald

Customer Service Representative

Sheri is an experienced executive assistant and administrator.  She is the primary point of contact for all customer service and support inquiries for both manufacturing and maintenance operations.

Tel: (905) 335-1440 ext.215

James Seadon

Production Supervisor

 As the head of production, James has overall responsibility for manufacturing operations including; work and material planning, raw material and finished parts stores and equipment maintenance. In addition, he is also our resident expert on vintage warbird propeller regulators. With his experience in aerospace and defence manufacturing coupled with a strong mechanical aptitude, he also plays a key role on the applications side of new product development projects.

Tel: (905) 335-1440 ext.296

James Seadon