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Purchase Order (PO) Quality Clauses


Clause No. Title Effective Date Download PDF
Q001 Certificate of Conformance 10OCT2021 click here
Q002 Traceability - General 10OCT2021 click here
Q003 Packaging 10OCT2021 click here
Q004-1 Lot Traceability - Production 17AUG2021 click here
Q004-2 Lot Traceability - Mold 23APR2021 click here
Q004-3 Lot Traceability - Fabrication 17AUG2021 click here
Q004-4 Lot Traceability - Plating 23APR2021 click here
Q004-5 Lot Traceability - Coating 23APR2021 click here
Q004-6 Lot Traceability - Casting & Forging 17AUG2021 click here
Q004-7 Lot Traceability - Thermal Processing 22SEPT2021 click here
Q005 Material Certification 01APR2021 click here
Q005-1 Material Testing & Certification - Polymer 17AUG2021 click here
Q006 Fastener Material Certification 18OCT2021 click here
Q007 Material Test Results - Chemical 01APR2021 click here
Q007-1 Material Test Results - Mechanical 01APR2021 click here
Q008 Material Safety Data Sheet 27MAR2021 click here
Q009 Evidence of Dimensional Inspection 27MAR2021 click here
Q010 FAI AT MB 27MAR2021 click here
Q011 In-Process Source Inspection 27MAR2021 click here
Q012 Third Party Source Inspection 27MAR2021 click here
Q013 Final Source Inspection 27MAR2021 click here
Q014 Shelf Life 27MAR2021 click here
Q015 Airworthiness Tag 27MAR2021 click here
Q016 Counterfeit Parts 27MAR2021 click here
Q017 Changes 21OCT2021 click here
Q018 Right of Access 21OCT2021 click here