Marsh Brothers Aviation AeroLas™-Grey is designed for high pressure applications either as an interference fit bushing in applications requiring up to 30 MPa (4351 psi) compressive strength, or as a metal-backed bushing, which is able to withstand high bearing pressures.


  • Self-lubricating
  • Very good dry-run performance
  • Moderately abrasion resistant (lower abrasion resistance than AeroLas™-Black or AeroLas™-White)
  • High resistance to shock loading and vibration

Typical Applications

  • High-strength composite bushing liner, bonded to metal shell plus machined to final requirements
  • Machined piston rod scraper/wiper

Please consult with a Marsh Brothers Aviation representative on which material will best meet the requirements of your application. Our materials fit a wide-range of custom applications to meet your requirements and challenges. Contact us today, email us at or by phone 1-800-263-6242.