Mission, Vision & Core Values


'Advancing Aircraft Bearing and Sealing Technology'

Marsh Brothers Aviation is an industry leader in the revolutionary use of non-metallic self-lubricating bearing and polymeric seal components in the aerospace industry. We apply our experience, creativity and resources toward developing a better way to design, manufacture and deliver innovative aerospace products, services and solutions to our customers across the globe.



'To develop better products for the Aviation industry'

At Marsh Brothers Aviation we believe there is a better way. We envision a world with no more grease. We are driven to replace all the metal bearing and rubber sealing components for all aircraft. If we can't make a better product then the part it replaces, we won't sell it!


Core Values

Everything we do at Marsh Brothers Aviation is based on six core values.

INTEGRITY - We practice the highest ethical standards, we honour our commitments and we take full responsibility for our products and services.

SAFETY - We value human life, quality of life, and work proactively to prevent all workplace injuries, incidents and near misses.

QUALITY - The products and services we provide are of the highest quality standards without exception. We strive for first-time quality and apply the principals of continuous improvement in everything we do. At every step of the manufacturing process we aim to meet or exceed the standards of excellence that are required of us.

CREATIVITY - We foster a culture of innovation, and believe in a better way. We apply these principles to build the unimaginable. Our creativity and innovations are driven by the need for practical solutions to real world problems.

TRUST, RESPECT & INCLUSION - We value the skills and strengths of our diverse team, we foster a culture of openness, and promote collaboration and fairness to engage all of our employees to find innovative solutions for our customers that advance our common business objectives.

COMMUNITY STEWARDSHIP - We are respectful and responsible to all our stakeholders, neighbours and citizens, and the diverse communities and customers we serve. We believe in protecting the environment, engaging academia, and serving charitable causes.