Mission & Vision


Our mission is to provide the aerospace industry with innovative product solutions made from advanced polymer materials.  A polymer is made up of many molecules all strung together to make very long chains.  Things that are made of polymers look, feel, and act depending on how their atoms and molecules are connected, as well as which ones we use to begin with.  Some are rubbery, some are sticky, and some are hard and tough.  In our case, our polymer scientists have designed a new material specifically for aerospace applications which we call AeroTough™ GF, or ATGF for short.   GF stands for grease-free. 

We use ATGF to design bushings and bearings that replace aircraft parts typically made from metals like bronze or steel.  There are several reasons why this is important:

·         No lubrication with grease or oil is ever required for parts made from ATGF, so maintenance time and cost are reduced;

·         Corrosion problems are non-existent;

·         ATGF parts are much lighter – only 20% of the weight of the bronze or steel parts they replace – making an aircraft more energy-efficient because a lighter airplane burns less fuel and has a smaller carbon footprint;

·         No contamination of the environment with grease or oil, no unsightly globs of grease on your airplane, no grease to collect dirt and damage the parts through abrasion.

Our vision is to replace metal components wherever possible in aircraft.  We envisage a family of AeroTough™ polymers that are tailored to specific aircraft applications.  If we can’t make it better than the part it replaces, we won’t sell it!