Propeller Regulator Overhaul

Overhauled to Last

The Aeroproducts propeller and regulators that were fitted in so many high performance warbirds and transport aircraft during WW2 and up until the mid 60’s, were well engineered. However, the original regulator seals are now over 50 years old and are prone to leaking when the engine is not running. To rectify this problem, Marsh Brothers Aviation has developed materials and expertise to rebuild these regulators. The result is a propeller governor that should last for another 50 years.

Fast Turn-Around

Marsh Brothers Aviation will overhaul your regulator or provide a replacement from our exchange pool. All internal components will be inspected and cleaned, and all seals and O-rings will be replaced with brand new components using MBA's advanced polymers. The unit undergoes leak testing and dynamic functional testing before release.

If you provide a core to overhaul, the price will be lower at $4500 USD. If no core is delivered to MBA to overhaul, you can purchase an overhauled Propeller Regulator for $5100 USD.