Baron/Bonanza NLG Door Hinge Kit


Category: Baron, Bonanza

Type: Kit

This kit covers the nose gear door hinge bushings for the Beech Baron & Bonanza.

Avoid unnecessary and costly repairs by installing AeroTough® GF polymer bushings. This preventative maintenance solution will ensure that you will never have the complications with seized bushings that traditional metal bushings can exhibit.

Lifetime lubricated AeroTough® bushings prevent problems:

  • Eliminate anxiety about damages to the supporting structure
  • Never worry about lubricating tough-to-access place
  • Zero risk of corrosion between sleeve and bushing
  • Be proactive: The cost to repair greatly exceeds the price of prevention. Don’t wait for disasters to occur. Make the change now!

  • An essential part of your landing gear maintenance checklist is the need for periodic lubrication of hard-to-get-at door hinge bushings. Achieving proper lubrication is challenging because access is difficult. If these bushings are not lubricated regularly, corrosion will result. This can cause the bushing and sleeve to fuse together over time, resulting in problems with the door rigging and the operation of the aircraft. This could lead to an inoperable gear door or the cracking of the gear door - a safety issue for sure and at best, an expensive repair. Our kit is insurance against the possibility of future problems.
  • The solution to this problem is AeroTough® GF polymer bushings. These non-metallic bushings can be easily installed and will provide smooth grease-free operation. AeroTough® bushings will never require lubrication. The polymer material is designed to incorporate its own lubrication. If someone doesn’t know our bushings have been fitted and decides to squirt some lubrication into the hinges, it’s no problem. Our bushings are quite happy to run in oil or grease – it’s just not necessary!
  • The Marsh Brothers Aviation kit includes not only the AeroTough® GF bushings, but also includes all new hardware to re-install your landing gear doors.
  • Approved for installation in U.S. registered aircraft by Federal Aviation Administration Supplemental Type Certificate No. SA03852NY / SA03853NY
  • Approved for installation in Canadian Registered aircraft by Transport Canada Supplemental Type Certificate No. SA16-21 / SA16-20
  • Reaming may be necessary, depending on any damage to the airframe (if damage is present, it is typically caused by corrosion of the OEM parts).
FAA Type Cert No. Model Bonanza NLG
Bonanza NLG
A-777 35    
3A15 35-33 X X
35-A33 X X
35-B33 X X
35-C33 X X
35-C33A X X
36 X X
A36 X X
E33 X X
E33A X X
E33C X X
F33 X X
F33A X X
F33C X X
G33 X X
H35 X X
J35 X X
K35 X X
M35 X X
N35 X X
P35 X X
S35 X X
V35 X X
V35A X X
V35B X X

FAA Type Cert No.

Model Baron NLG
Baron NLG
56TC X X
58 X X
58A X X
95 X X
95-55 X X
95-A55 X X
95-B55 X X
95-B55A X X
95-B55B X X
95-C55 X X
95-C55A X X
B95 X X
B95A X X
D55 X X
D55A X X
D95A X X
E55 X X
E55A X X
E95 X X
G58 X X
58P X X
58PA X X
59TC X X



 MBA Part # Description Quantity OEM Cross Reference Part #
AN3-7A Bolt 4 AN3-7A
MBA10099 SS Sleeve 4 N/A
MBA10098 ATGF Bushing 4 105739S-ZG0250
AN960-10A Washer 8 AN960-10A
AN365-1032A Nut 4 AN365-1032A
19/64" Drill Bit Drill Bit 1 N/A
5/16" Drill Bit Drill Bit 1 N/A


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