Propeller Regulator Overhaul


Category: Aeroproducts

Type: Overhaul

The capabilities at Marsh Brothers Aviation keeps your warbird propeller regulator flying.  These capabilities include:

  • Complete functional testing in accordance with the OEM Service Manual.
  • Expertise to troubleshoot functional issues.
  • A pool of spare parts to replace components damaged beyond repair.
    • Detailed incoming inspection to assess the as-received physical condition.
    • Incoming functional test to assess the as-received operational condition.
    • Tear down, cleaning of all internal components and detailed inspection. The cleaning includes a flushing of all internal hydraulic ports and passages.
    • All O-rings are replaced as well as the main seal between the cover and housing. 
    • The unit is reassembled. 
    • A final functional test is conducted to verify functionality after reassembly. 
    • Repaint with black enamel paint.
    • The overhauled governor is packed in a custom wooden crate or the customer's reusable crate, if received in one, for return shipment 
    • Additional charges may apply for non-standard work as noted on "Additional Charges" tab.
    • Troubleshooting incoming functional test failures.
    • Repair of excessive physical damage, including non-destructive inspection, when applicable.
    • Replacement of damaged and/or missing components - there are components received MIA or damaged.
    • Repaint with a customer requested paint colour, non-black, depending on availability.
    • Additional charges to be approved by customer prior to work being performed.

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