Propeller Regulator Run Up Cycling


Category: Aeroproducts

Type: Overhaul

To cycle the hydraulic components and exercise all rubber seals.

Rubber seals, once exposed to hydraulic fluids, are prone to drying out and cracking if stored for extended periods of time.

Our Run Up service provides the opportunity to exercise the seals and hydraulic modules within the propeller regulator off-wing.

    • Service: Receive the regulator, perform visual examination, mount the regulator to our test stand, service with hydraulic fluid and then run the regulator through its ranges of speeds and operate the governor between fine pitch and coarse pitch settings.
    • Note:  If the regulator is missing parts or has damage that makes it incapable of being tested safely as-received, then a $500 USD non-test capable fee applies.
    • If an overhaul is required and customer approval to proceed is received, incurred fees will be credited towards the cost of the overhaul.

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