Aerostar Cleveland Brake Master Cylinder Upgrade/Repair Kit


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Nobody pays much attention to the piston rod seal in their brake master cylinder until it starts leaking. Even when it does leak it won't cause much more than carpet damage, unless you ignore it. When your brake master cylinder requires repair due to leakage or you want to take a proactive approach, the Marsh Brothers’ Cleveland Brake Master Cylinder upgrade/repair kit is the solution that will fix it once and for all.  Like all Marsh Brothers products, our glands and seals are developed to last for the long haul.

Installation of the Marsh Brothers brake master piston rod seal offers the opportunity to practice preventative maintenance, by eliminating the risks associated with the typical failure modes of traditional O-rings used in the dynamic seal applications. Additionally, our advanced engineered polymer gland eliminates the possibility of metal-to-metal contact with piston rod.

The Marsh Brothers Aviation Aerostar (Mooney/Cirrus) Cleveland Brake Master Cylinder upgrade kit contains all of the hardware to repair/upgrade your Aerostar Cleveland Brake Master Cylinder. Additionally, the kit also includes tooling to aid in the re-assembly. The piston rod seal (AeroLas™-Flex) provided is a Marsh Brothers Aviation proprietary lip seal design and is manufactured from a proprietary elastomeric polymer. The Marsh Brothers Aviation AeroLas™-Flex replaces both the OEM O-ring and rod wiper. The kit also includes installation instructions, instructions for continuing airworthiness and an authorized release certificate.

Note: The Piston is not included in this kit.

Caution: Piston Rod Lip seal is made from Marsh Brothers proprietary material known as AeroLas™-Flex. AeroLas™-Flex is not compatible with phosphate ester hydraulic fluid, commercially known as Skydrol. Exposure to phosphate ester hydraulic fluid contamination will damage the seals.

    • FAA, TCCA, and EASA Approved
    • Eliminate the risks associated with typical failure modes of traditional O-rings in dynamic seal applications today.
    • Marsh Brothers' proprietary elastomeric polymer (lip seal) offers improved lower pressure sealing performance and overall cold weather performance.
    • Provides the ability to rebuild your brake master cylinder. No need to purchase a replacement cylinder.
    • Easy to install (Tooling included): Seal expansion bullet.
    • Long lasting.
    • Applicable to OEM P/N 980014-001 (MFG P/N: 10-24C) series Brake Master Cylinder manufactured by Parker Aerospace (Cleveland Wheels & Brakes)
    • Approved for installation on Canadian, U.S. and European Registered aircraft, Approval Number C-RA22-016D (TCCA)
    • Repair Design Approval

      Piper Aerostar Models Mooney Aircraft Corp. Cirrus Models
      TCCA RDA No. C-RA22-016/D



      PA-60-600 M20 SR20
      PA-60-601 M20A SR22
      PA-60-601P M20B SR22T
      PA60 602P M20C
      PA60 700P M20D

      Note 1: The Piston is not included in this kit.

      Note 2: Kit Includes:
      Installation tool (tapered bullet to expand seal).

      Item#  MBA Part # Description Quantity OEM Cross Reference Part #
      1 MS16625-4081 Internal Retaining Ring 1 155-01200
      2 MBA-01-10025 Spring Seat/Wiper Washer 1 095-01300
      3 MS28775-113 O-Ring (Piston Head, Gland Static) 1 MS28775-113
      4 MBA-01-10021 Lip Seal (Piston Rod, Dynamic) 1 MS28775-012
      5 MBA-01-10022 End Gland 1 141-01200
      6 MS28775-006 O-Ring (Piston Head Bypass) 1 MS28775-006
      7 T5304-015 Snap Ring 1 155-04800
      MS35333-40 Star Lock Washer
      1 MS35333-40
      AN960-616L Flat Washer 1 AN960-616L
      AN316-4 Nut 1 AN316-4


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