Aerostar MLG Oleo Kit


Category: Aerostar

Type: Kit

Main landing gear oleo kits from Marsh Brothers Aviation are for all models of Aerostar aircraft. One kit will cover one main landing gear.

This preventative maintenance solution will ensure that you will never have the complications with traditional metal components and rubber seals can exhibit.

Be proactive: The cost to repair greatly exceeds the price of prevention. Don’t wait for disasters to occur. Make the change now!

An essential part of optimal landing gear shock strut performance is seal integrity. The Marsh Brothers Oleo Kit assures optimal landing gear performance when you need it.

  • Proprietary lip-seal design coupled with advance materials engineering provides a more robust dynamic seal eliminating the possibility of extrusion or roll failures.
  • Use of non-metallic lower bearings, upper cap and floating pistons eliminate the possibility of score marks on dynamic sealing surfaces leading to leakage.

Our kit is insurance against the possibility of future problems.

  • Approved for installation in U.S. registered aircraft by Federal Aviation Administration Supplemental Type Certificate # SA03484NY. Click here
  • Approved for installation in Canadian registered aircraft by Transport Canada Supplemental Type Certificate # SA14-43.  Click here
  • List of approved Aerostar models: 600, 601, 601P, 602P and 700P.
 MBA Part # Description Qty Reference OEM Part #
MBA10016 Gland 1 400071-501
MBA10020 Floating Piston 1 400069-501
MBA10071 Floating Piston Seal 2 MS28774-326 (qty.2), MS28775-326 (qty.1)
MBA10017 Oleo Cap 1 400066-501
MBA10024 Oleo Wiper Seal 1 AN6231-23
MBA10025 Gland Seal 1 MS28775-331(qty.1), MS28774-331(qty.2)
MS28774-148 Back-up Ring 2 MS28774-148
MS28775-148 O-Ring 1 MS28775-148

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