Aerostar MLG Oleo Kit


Category: Aerostar

Type: Kit

This kit covers 1 main gear.

This kit will not include the Floating Piston and the Floating Piston Seals to US customers as MBA is waiting for the FAA Approval. All other items listed in the content section will be included in the kit.

This kit with the Floating Piston and Floating Piston seals are available to Canadian customers as MBA has received TC Approval.

 MBA Part # Description Qty Reference OEM Part #
MBA10016 Gland 1 400071-501
MBA10020 Floating Piston 1 400069-501
MBA10071 Floating Piston Seal 2 MS28774-326 (qty.2), MS28775-326 (qty.1)
MBA10017 Oleo Cap 1 400066-501
MBA10024 Oleo Wiper Seal 1 AN6231-23
MBA10025 Gland Seal 1 MS28775-331(qty.1), MS28774-331(qty.2)
MS28774-148 Back-up Ring 2 MS28774-148
MS28775-148 O-Ring 1 MS28775-148



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