Aerostar Throttle Knobs, BLK


Category: Accessories, Aerostar

Type: Kit

The following kit contains Throttle Knobs for the Piper Aerostar PA-60 models, but it may work for other aircraft as well. Check the drawing in the Specifications tab to see if these Throttle Knobs will work for your aircraft.

Their big advantage is that they are shaped to fit your hand for easy, precise power control. Pilots report them having a “jet-like feel”. And they’re made from a tough polymer material so they’ll never crack or break.

    The profile of this throttle knob is shown below. If your aircraft can use this configuration of a throttle knob, then we have what you need.

    This kit contains:

    • 2 MBA10067B knobs
    • 2 MS51957-34 Philips Pan Head screws
    • 2 AN960C6 washers

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