Aerostar Wiebel NLG Torque Link


Category: Aerostar

Type: Kit

Nose landing gear torque link kits from Marsh Brothers Aviation are for all models of Aerostar aircraft. Avoid unnecessary and costly repairs by installing AeroTough® GF polymer bushings. This preventative maintenance solution will ensure that you will never have the complications with seized bushings that traditional metal bushings can exhibit.

Lifetime lubricated AeroTough® bushings prevent problems:

  • Eliminate anxiety about damages to the supporting structure.
  • Never worry about lubricating tough-to-access place.
  • Zero risk of corrosion between pin and bushing.

Be proactive: The cost to repair greatly exceeds the price of prevention. Don’t wait for disasters to occur. Make the change now!

An essential part of your landing gear maintenance checklist is the periodic lubrication of hard-to-get-at bushings. Achieving proper lubrication is essential to maintaining safe operation of the aircraft. Inadequate lubrication can lead to corrosion.

  • Eliminate the risk of corrosion.
  • Eliminate the need for repetitive lubrication.

The Marsh Brothers AeroTough® GF bushing kit is your insurance against possible maintenance issues in the future.

  • Approved for installation in U.S. registered aircraft by Federal Aviation Administration Supplemental Type Certificate # SA03484NY.  Click here
  • Approved for installation in Canadian registered aircraft by Transport Canada Supplemental Type Certificate # SA14-43.  Click here
  • List of approved Aerostar models: 600, 601, 601P, 602P and 700P.
MBA Part # Description  Quantity OEM Cross Reference Part #
MBA10031 Upper & Lower Torque Link Bushing 4 450534-001
MBA10032 Upper Connector Bushing 2 450535-001
MBA10033 Lower Connector Bushing 2 450535-501


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