Gabb AeroTough® Fuel Cap Washers


Avoid the hassle and difficulty of opening and closing fuel caps with tight hard to move locking tabs.

Installing AeroTough® GF (Grease-Free) non-metallic Fuel Cap Washers, makes opening and closing much easier and will ensure your fuel cap remains safe and functional.

The following kit contains a Fuel Cap Washer or Washers made from a durable thermoplastic polymer with inherent self-lubricating properties.

  • Smooth operation of the fuel cap locking tab
  • Consistent open/close force required to operate the fuel cap locking tab
  • Long wear life

Approved GABB Fuel Cap Model Matrix Apr 2022

Kit Product Number Description Package Quantity
M-00-1001-1 Fuel Cap Washer
M-00-1001-2 Fuel Cap Washer 2
M-00-1001-3 Fuel Cap Washer 3
M-00-1002-1 Fuel Cap Washer 1
M-00-1002-2 Fuel Cap Washer 2
M-00-1002-3 Fuel Cap Washer 3

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