Hydraulic Accumulator Piston & Seal Upgrade Kit


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The Marsh Brothers Aerostar Hydraulic Accumulator Piston and Seal Upgrade Kit offers Aerostar owners the option to upgrade the hydraulic accumulator with a fully non-metallic piston and improved dynamic seals.

The non-metallic AeroTough® GF piston eliminates any chance of scratching the cylinder bore during normal operation. The Thorseal material will remain stable over a wide range of operating temperatures and will not swell, shrink or bind.

This kit will also reduce part count from 5 parts under the OEM design to 3 parts under the Marsh Brothers Aviation design, thereby simplifying the assembly.

The Marsh Brothers Aviation upgrade kit includes a non-metallic piston made from their proprietary polymer AeroTough® GF, and state of the art Thorseals®, replacing the OEM aluminum piston fitted with a nitrile rubber o-ring, back up rings and a PTFE rider ring.

    A) 1 x Hydrodyne Hydraulic Accumulator (M1030)

     MBA Part # Description Quantity
    MBA10073-1 AeroTough® GF Piston 1
    MBA10076-1 AeroLas®-Flex Piston Seal 2



    B) 1 x York Hydraulic Accumulator (M1031) 

     MBA Part # Description Quantity
    MBA10134-1 AeroTough® GF Piston 1
    MBA10147-1 AeroLas®-Flex Piston Seal 2


    Please also refer to the Installation Instructions document under the Documents section.

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