Seat Roller - ATGF Repair Bushings (4/pkg)


Category: Aerostar

Type: Kit

This kit includes the self-lubricating polymer alloy bushings. The stainless steel sleeves are not included in this kit. Please refer to M-01-1002 for the Aerostar Seat Roller Repair Sleeves Kit.

Seats in the Aerostar are designed to roll on four aluminum rollers located at each seat corner. The rollers are made from a relatively soft aluminum running against steel sleeves, and are not supposed to be lubricated in accordance with the aircraft maintenance requirements. If the wear is uneven across the four rollers, the worn roller will not be able to support the seat which can cause the seat to bind making it difficult to move forward and backward.

Marsh Brothers AeroTough® bushings are made of a self-lubricating AeroTough® material that is designed to repair the aluminum rollers. Due to it's unique properties, AeroTough will run without wear for a very long time. No more metal on metal wear!

It is recommended that all four rollers in a seat be repaired at the same time, even if there is no evidence of wear. This single-seat repair ensures that all of the rollers in the seat function in a similar and consistent manner.

  • AeroTough® GF polymer bushings have built-in lubrication.
  • AeroTough® GF polymer bushings are robust and inherently wear resistant.
Kit Part # Description Quantity
M-01-1001 Seat Roller Repair Bushing Kit


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